Nutshell Perennial Plant Nursery has recently been purchased by Kelly and Matt Clark, located at Umbango, between Tarcutta and Humula in the South West Slopes of NSW. We are excited to be taking on this new opportunity. Kelly has an extensive background in gardens and horticulture, having been to RMIT Landscape Architecture and TAFE Horticulture. Kelly has worked as a designer for gardens and landscaping for a local Landscape Architect in Wagga Wagga for the last 5 years and is now ready to move on to the next chapter in her life with this exciting venture which will complement her husbands farming. Kelly has grown up in a family with a strong female lineage that were always interested in gardening and plants and is hoping this will come through in her new adventure.

Most of our plants are now grown in 100mm pots with the exception of Kniphofias, Agapanthus, Hemerocallas and Irises which are still sold bare rooted.  Due to popular demand  we    are now able to send out plants to you all year round.  We have a huge variation in climate ranging from – 5 C° to the occasional low 40 C°. These factors allow us to  supply large, garden ready and vigorous specimens that can cope with a variety of situations.

We have some of the most beautiful perennials that can be grown in Australia. Included are plants that will be happy in a variety of situations, ranging from ones that will thrive in dry  conditions to softer more thirsty varieties. We have indicated in our catalogue the various requirements of the plants.  However if you have any queries we are only too happy to  answer  questions either via email or over the phone.

This year we have around 350 cultivars available.  Please do not hesitate to be in contact should you wish for us to grow on some of your favourite perennials that might not be  currently  in our collection.

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