> What is a perennial?

> How we grow our plants

> Ways to order plants from us

> Postage costs

> How our plants are packaged up and sent to you



What is a perennial?

A perennial is a plant that lives for longer than two years and usually flowers every year. However having said this, shrubs and trees are excluded from this group. We sell mainly herbaceous perennials which means that they slow down their growth in the cooler months and the top growth of the plant dies off in Autumn and sprouts anew in Spring. There are exclusions to this rule, as not all herbaceous perennials die back completely such as many salvias, hellebores etc but this is generally the pattern.

How we grow our plants

Our plants are divided up around the end of July to August. We also propagate many plants around this time too. Plants are replanted directly into the nursery’s beds which are of a rich loamy soil where they are left to grow out for a full season.

Plants are watered accordingly to their needs and we mulch deeply around each plant and have found that we need to use very little chemical for weed control.

In Sepetember we put together our catalogue and hope to have it to customers by the end of the month.  Contact us to join our mailing list and automatically receive our catalogue as it becomes ready every year.

Ways to order plants from us

Nutshell Nursery provides customers with several ways to buy our plants:

  • Buy Plants Online (secure ordering)
    • This website provides for secure ordering (using Paypal – you don’t need an account – simply pay using your credit card).
    • Browse our online plant catalogue and select plants by adding to the shopping cart
    • When your selection of plants to buy is complete, go to the Checkout page
    • The cost of postage is added at the checkout stage through Paypal.
    • Pay securely online with your credit or debit card or Paypal account.
  • Mail Order
    • Nutshell Nursery sends an Annual Catalogue and Order Form for customers who would prefer to mail and use a cheque for payment
    • Please include clear order and contact details
      • Cheques payable to Nutshell Nursery
      • Payment can also be made via direct deposit (contact us for details)
  • Phone ordering
    • Nutshell Nursery is happy to take telephone orders. Please call Kelly on 0408 692 773. Payment must be arranged at the time of order.

Postage costs

Postage & handling for mail orders is;

  • $15 ACT/NSW
  • $20 VIC
  • $25 SA/QLD

How our plants are packaged up and sent to you

All plants are carefully labelled and packaged and sent to you at the beginning of the week so they don’t sit around in the post over the weekend.  Once they arrive they should be taken out of the box and given a good drink and kept in a shady spot for a couple of days before planting out.  If your plants don’t arrive in top condition please notify us immediately.

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